GLUA Board Members

Jim Barnwell Chairman

Jim Barnwell,  I am a full-time resident of the area.  I first visited Higgins Lake in the winter of 1970.  Since the mid/late  1970s have lived and or had residences in the area off and on.
I received a bachelors degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University (BS – 1975).   Since graduating I have worked with a number of consulting firms which focused on municipal engineering, land development and planning.   In addition I had stints with municipalities as their municipal engineer.
In regards to operations, I was a director of public works for a municipality which included oversight of the water and wastewater facilities, streets, storm sewers , parks operation and other city operations.
Professional engineering  licenses were held  in Michigan and 3 other states.-

Dave Hall Co-Chairman

David Hall, currently is a full time resident of Gerrish Township and has a deep history at Higgins Lake dating back to 1936 when his grandfather owned several resorts and a sand and gravel excavating business around Higgins Lake. The Hall family was instrumental in constructing power and telephone service along with excavating properties in the area. Both Gerrish and Lyon Township approved his board seat making David the Board Member at Large. David graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Marketing. David spent 40 years in the automotive aftermarket owning and operating a successful private label packaging company, producing and shipping products worldwide for Brand Name marketers. “I am on the GLUA board because Higgins Lake is home to me and my family. To me there is no other place I would pour my heart and soul into, continuing to help make Higgins Lake a pristine environment with healthy crystal clear waters and safe drinking water for my grandchildren and futuregenerations.

Jerry McKenna

Jerry Holds Bachelor of Science Michigan State University.  Is a Co-owner Professional Metal Works, Inc.
and a property owner in Lyon Township since 2009.  At the urging of my two neighbors, who have been property owners here since the 1950’s and 1970’s. Both give numerous examples of the deterioration of the lake, particularly over the last twenty years. I myself have witnessed degradation of the lake in the relatively short fourteen years I have been here.

Bill Lamb

Bill is a full-time resident of Gerrish Township and has had a cottage on Higgins Lake since 1966. Bill graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master of Science from University of Michigan. Living in Michigan his entire life, he grew up on Higgins Lake and has made Higgins his home. Bill is committed to this region as demonstrated by his past participation on the Lakeside Association Board, Higgins Lake Foundation Board, and now as a current member of the Gerrish Lyon Utility Association.


Phil Czech

Philip is a year-round resident in Gerrish Township. He first came to Higgins Lake while serving as a Captain in the Michigan National Guard. He and his wife Rose purchased an older home on Higgins Lake in 1988. Philip is a graduate of the University of Detroit with a BS in Accounting and has completed MS courses in Taxation at Walsh College. His work career includes 45 years in accounting, taxation, economic studies and rate analysis. He has volunteered as a Boy Scout leader, has served on his church parish council and as the leader of the finance committee, he has been a director on his Credit Union Board and is currently the Treasurer of the Higgins Lake Swimmer’s Itch Organization. Philip’s goal is to complete the Higgins Lake sewer project on time and under budget. His objective is to ensure that the sewer costs are equitable and affordable.

Eric Carlson

Eric is a Lyon Township trustee and a property owner in Lyon Township.

Tom Metcalf

Tom spent his career as a union electrician and business owner, and much of this experience was working in the wastewater industry. He has vacationed at Higgins Lake since the 1980s and became a homeowner in 2010. He has been a full-time resident of Lyon Township since 2019.