Funding for the project will be through special assessments on all benefiting properties using Public Act 188. To reduce the costs to be assessed GLUA is currently pursuing Grants, Earmarks and private and public donations. To further reduce the costs Government low interest loans are being considered.

GLUA receives $1 Million Dollars in Federal Funding

Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority Contributions

Contributions from the public are welcomed for supporting the Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority’s waste treatment project around Higgins Lake. There is a tax-exempt venues for receiving these funds.

The Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority, (GLUA), is a bona fide Governmental Agency established by resolutions passed by both Gerrish and Lyon Township boards in 2023. Thus, contributions to GLUA are tax deductable to the full extent of the law, as the monies donated are expended for the public good. Contributions can be mailed to the Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority and sent to the Authority at:

Gerrish Lyon Utility Authority
c/o Gerrish Township
2997 E. Higgins Lake Drive
Roscommon, Michigan 48653

(The GLUA FEIN number is 30-1290129 for reference.)

Financial Assistance
Homeowners Assistance Programs

USDA 504 Direct Home Repair Program

  • Water / sewage connect fees, up to $20k.
  • Low interest loan, terms up to 20 years.
  • Grants up to $7500 for those 62 & older.
  • Must own home, occupy, and qualify financially.
  • Prequalification worksheet online but assistance is available at the Caro Field Office Rural Development USDA 1075 Cleaver Rd Caro, MI 48723PH 989-673-8173 x 129

Michigan Department of Treasury Deferred Special Assessments

  • Must be Homestead owner, 65 years or older or you and spouse totally and permanently disabled, MI resident for 5 years, and owned and occupied the property for 5 years. Must qualify financially. The application is initially sent to Township assessor, who verifies information, then sent to Dept. of Treasury for processing.